What am I listening to?

Oh, thank you for asking again. It is a long time since you did.

Anyway, what are you listening to?


  1. I am listening to 42nd Street – actually I am at an awayday rehreasal of the show by Threatre South Productions – performances are 11th to 15th March at Eastwood Theatre (on the south side of Glasgow – for our non-Glaswegian readers)

  2. kelvin says

    What, there is a south side?

  3. Oh yes – where there is a church with a white grand piano 😉

  4. Since you ask… Deep Purple. Wondering if I can sneak a copy of their _Hallelujah_ into the organist’s folder for use one sunday… might make a service go with a swing 😉

  5. thanks for asking…

    Blue Valentine by Tom Waits (for the imminent arrival of V day)
    Jesus Christ Superstar – something made me think of it recently and I havent listened to it for ages.
    Surrexit Alleluia! Plainsong and Polyphony for Holy Week and Easter from the College of the Resurrection, Mirfield. Just getting into the groove in plenty time.

  6. Anonymous says

    Ruth, ssshhh… I’m struggling enough to remember not to use the A word in offices without you reminding me!!

  7. Moyra says

    Very sorry, the anonymous comment is from me…

  8. Megan says

    Hi Kelvin,


    Arrrgh old people arent supposed to be into the same stuff as me…..its cramping my style lol!!!!
    BTW its jamming not bopping!!!

    Miss you….how are you by the way? And hows the Tilly?
    And her nail varnish hehehe……

    byebye cya soon

    Megan T 😛

  9. I’m listening to a band I’ve recently found call Broadway Calls, typical Pop Punk but good nonetheless.

    When it’s not them, I’m in a mood for MxPx right now.

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