What am I listening to?


Well, thank you for asking. It has been a while.

  • This evening, I’ve been listening to the Damnation of Faust live from the Met in New York on Radio 3. I’m very tempted to give their live Cinema relays a go too. Excellent idea. (And is it the answer to the problem of Argyll and The Isles?)
  • I’ve bought a couple of CDs this week by a group called Arpeggiata. You can hear them on their myspace page if you are so inclined. I bought one CD which is all tunes based on ground basses and another which also features the Kings Singers. Musical prozac both of them. Baroque meets Jazz. Think very posh Penguin Cafe Orchestra. (My thanks to my correspondent in Clare College for posting one of their tunes on Facebook).
  • I’ve been listening to Eddie Reader singing the songs of our bard all week too. My thanks to Mother Ruth for making this possible and also to Father Bishop for sending me in his place a couple of weeks ago to a concert of Ms Reader singing these songs in the Great Hall at Stirling Castle.
  • Top of the most played list on the iPod are Powder Your Face with Sunshine by Doris Day, Are You Strong Enough to Be My Man by Sheryl Crow and Well Did you Evah by Robbie Williams and Jon Lovitz.

What does all that tell you about me?

And what are you listening to anyway?

What am I listening to?

Oh, thank you for asking again. It is a long time since you did.

Anyway, what are you listening to?