Knowing me, Knowing you. Aha?

Just back in from an evening in the synod hall with 20 members of the congregation. This was prompted by my being told a while ago that it would be good for people to have a chance to get to know me. I’m not sure what that means. After all, I’m such an easy person to get to know don’t you think? Never an unpublished thought, after all.

Anyway, this is why 20 of us got together tonight for an evening which was advertised as “Knowing me, Knowing you, an evening of conversation with the Provost”.

They asked me all kinds of questions, including:

  • What were my early influences?
  • How did I get from being a Salvationist to being an Episcopalian?
  • How do you describe God to an eight year old?
  • Did I really stand for Parliament, and why?
  • What would schism mean?
  • Where are we now and where are we going as a church?
  • Why is the church growing at the moment?
  • Why did you want to come to St Mary’s?
  • How does the blogging relate to ministry

It was a good relaxed evening. It was also an opportunity for people to get to know one another just a bit better and get to know the names of folk that they have not really met before.

It seemed to be a good thing to do and so I’m going to have a look at the diary tomorrow and name a day for another similar evening.



  1. Matt Black says

    Well, I wiz there an’ I heard sumewun say, “I didn’t know he was doing evenings like this – when was the last one ?”
    An’ sumewun else sed, “As I’ve been here tonight, does that mean I can’t go along again if he’s doing another evening like this ?”
    Think this yin wiz a winner, Provost.

    (Bu’ we didnae ask if’n “Standing Stones” giv’d y’any privit tooition lessons ? Their dance presentation at S Ms wiz kwite thought provokin. Jus’ seamd t’me tha’ th’ Liturgy would be grately much enhanced by a pair a’ stilts and yon bonny yellow garment with wings – if’n you didnae fancy tottrin aroon up ther’ yersel’ I’m shooer we cud train up’n MC – wud get a gran’ overview of t’proceedings frum oop ther. Hoo’s aboot it ?)

  2. Muriel Draper says

    Yes, it WAS a very good thing to do and there were some very honest and informed opinions from the group who were there. We really did not know what to expect but then neither did the Provost. After all it was the first get-together of its kind.

    By the end of the evening we got to know him better, we got to know each other better and perhaps the Provost got to know us a bit better. I do hope he enjoyed the evening as much as we did. You did, didn’t you!

  3. some fun could be had in answering those questions for you…

  4. Kimberley – you are naughty 😉

    ….but it would be fun!!

  5. Zebadee says

    Next time Mrs Z and I would very much like to be there!

  6. Barbara says

    Malcolm and I would like to thank you for a very enjoyable evening. Let there be more as they are very enlightening !


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