What have you been looking for?

Time for a quick list of things that people have recently been searching for which have brought them to this blog:

  • megalomaniacs in the church
  • episcopate of all believers
  • multifaith chaplain uniform
  • brown bridesmaid slippers
  • anglican bishop frock coat gaiters
  • gold bridesmaid shoes
  • kilt and bowler hat
  • how do you baptise someone when you dip
  • homburg hats
  • sermon: four horsemen
  • gay friendly chapel blessing
  • tarantara

It is a salutary reminder to one’s ego that there is one thing which consistently brings people to this blog. It is not the goings on in the communion. It is not the debate on footwear in the sanctuary and it is not the Advent Candle Controversy, even though that brings people looking here every week of the year. It isn’t even +Gene.

No, the thing that people are looking for which easily tops the search terms used to find this blog is my pancake recipe which was posted in 2004. Indeed, it is responsible for more than double the number of visitors than any other single search term.


  1. I am SO making those pancakes tomorrow morning.

    My best search term was “why is aaron’s so small?” Talk about a reminder to the ego…

  2. susan s. says

    Well, you made me look! I had to read about the sanctuary footwear! Very interesting!

  3. Empathy is extended from Bean Blossom, Indiana, USA, home of Saint David’s Episcopal Church. We have a parish blog with sermons, thoughtful essays from lay people, building plans, music schedules, disaster relief bulletins – but what pulls in the search engines? “Epiphany chalk blessing.” Almost every day, even now, someone reads our Epiphany chalk blessing. Is it still Epiphany somewhere in the Church?

  4. I typed the link wrong – try this one. Sorry!

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