Knitting Group

It is time, is it not, for a knitting group at St Mary’s?

And if we ask her nicely, Mother Ruth will supply details of her prayer shawl ministry. Won’t she?


  1. Vestments? Rainbow Flags? Ties? I know some people just enjoy knitting anything, but I’d want to have a clear goal in mind, to make the enterprise more structured and respectable.

  2. Personally, I don’t wear knitted vestments or knitted ties and I think that a knitted rainbow flag, though showing committment to the cause, is probably not worth the bother.

    The goals are craft, beauty and attention seeking.

    As always.

  3. Hmm, sounds good in theory. But would it be for people who are already adept at knitting, or for noobs like me who find the idea interesting? Something involving glitter would be fun too.

  4. Glitter is always fun, isn’t it?

    I think that the knitting group should be open to anyone who can both knit and purl. Such tricks can be learned from a book, learned online or learned from a friend.

    Just ask a man. All men can knit.

  5. Happy to come and tell you about prayer shawls – and you can do glittery ones. In fact, they are best.

    And i do have a pattern for a knitted thurible although haven’t done it yet.

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