Knitting Group online forum

Right, here is the thing. I’ve set up an online forum for the new knitting group which seemed to be forming all over the place this morning. In the choir, in the pews, in the synod hall, amongst the servers. The talk of knitting was everywhere. Indeed, knitting was being committed during the choir rehearsal at 9:45. I spotted it whilst gazing out from the pulpit whilst having a final look at the sermon.

Here is what I’ve done. I’ve added a Knitting Forum to the cathedral website. Anyone interested, please sign up there.

It is part of a new system I’ve added to the website that I’m hoping will ultimately lead to more online collaboration and also some online courses for people to do. It is running on software called Moodle, which you can look up if you are interested.

I don’t know if this will work, but the knitters may as well be the first to try.

Please sign up using your own name. The web address you need is

The knitting forum is obvious. You need an enrollment key to get in. The key is madonna.

Dates for meetings will soon be posted. Expect them to be Monday evenings.

Knitting Group

It is time, is it not, for a knitting group at St Mary’s?

And if we ask her nicely, Mother Ruth will supply details of her prayer shawl ministry. Won’t she?