The Equal Marriage Petition

Just a reminder about the petition that is before the Scottish Parliament on opening up civil and religious marriage to everyone in Scotland. (That means opening it up to same-sex couples).

Nick Henderson, the original petitioner came to St Mary’s last night to talk to the LGBT group about the petition. It only has a few weeks to run now and there are already over 650 names on it. However, the more the merrier.

I know that some people found the site was not working when I last highlighted signing it. All appears to be well now. Clergy – now is the time to use that Revererend title you love so much. Politicians – it is time to use those precious MP and MSP initials. Everyone else, use what you got.

Following on from hearing about the petition last night, I did my fabled, “All You Need to Know about Christian Ethics in Six Cartoons” gig. I dare say people will want me to repeat that one at another time too.

Now, go on. Sign that petition. Give someone you don’t know the best day of their life.


  1. my first petition… (now free of immigration stress)

    The current episcopalians would make for a fine dinner party, but I expected more by now. Perhaps we need to declare it ‘nag your priest Sunday’.

  2. Eamonn says

    Forgive me, Susan, but I don’t agree that the notion of the family is no longer relevant. What you are describing is the existence of a wider range of life-choices than existed before, and this variety is at least as healthy as the predominance of the family model, given that families can be dysfunctional. But I cannot foresee a time when people completely reject the value of a legally-sanctioned lifetime commitment.

  3. Kelvin, the comment to which I was replying seems to have disappeared, which makes my own comment less meaningful.

    • Hi Eamon – I deleted the comment in question as the writer was just linking to a commercial website. Comment spam, I’m afraid, getting ever more plausible.

      The text of what you were responding to was:

      I think that in modern society no longer exists the notion of family, and now many young people are cohabiting and, over time, probably all stop to engage in a legitimate marriage.

  4. Hi Kelvin, just wanted to say I am back and trying to be more faithful to my blogging. Blog soon.




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