Choices, choices

Just as a matter of interest, could you advise me which of two meetings I should go to, which clash in my diary. Should I go to the Property Committee or should I go to the Knitting Group?

Please give reasons for your answer.


  1. Knitting of course. “Property Committee” sounds boring,whereas surely Jesus would have chosen the knitting if faced with such a dillemma.

  2. Property, because knitting sounds like you’ll have hands too otherwise-occupied for a glass.

  3. See how tricky this decision is, already?

  4. Mary-Cate says

    Puhleeeese….if knitting interfered with drinking do you think it would have persisted this long??? Indeed, there is a long tradition of ‘knit one, drink two’ clubs. Can property offer such fun?

  5. Oh, I can see the “Property is Boring” theme developing on this thread, but it need not be so. And I say that as someone who went to a recent Diocesan Property Committee to learn all about what they do.

    There might, Mary-Cate, be those who think knitting boring.

  6. Mary-Cate says

    No, no I never ever said property was boring and apologise for any misunderstandings. I was just correcting a misapprehension about knitting. I would hate for anyone to miss the joy of knitting simply because he/she felt it might interfere with other important activities. Knitting boring…say it ain’t so Joe

  7. If property were boring and knitting fun, then this would simply be a restatement of Kierkegaard’s question, “Shall I choose the monastery or the deerpark?” (The deerpark being where he and his sweetheart might meet).

    However, this is not so simple a conundrum, is it?

  8. You’ll get more useful information at the knitting group than at the property committee.

  9. Hmm,what happens at property committees that makes them potentially as fun as knitting? I suppose you could knit yourself anytime which isn’t true of property committees.

  10. Hold a joint meeting combining both groups down the pub. Perfect. 😉

  11. Knitting, definitely. If things go wrong with your buildings, you will be skilled enough to knit yourself a new cathedral.

  12. David Bayne says

    Have you never heard of multi-tasking? Bring your knitting to the Property Committee, and you can rattle up a sock or two while you count the heads of the Canon 35 defaulters rolling by.

  13. I too have a property meeting today at noon – I will borrow some knitting (the Anglicare ladies always sit and knit whilst giving out the food) and ‘pretend’ to knit during the meeting – I will post the reactions/responses later today (Oz time). It might help with your decision.

  14. Rachel: Ballarat Australia says

    Of course one could always knit during the Property meeting; as it can be a good meditation & a way of getting another dimension!

  15. This is an easy one.
    Tell the property folks you’re going to the knitting meeting and the knitting folks you are going to the property meeting. Stay at home, feet up, large g&t.

  16. I could go to the Property meeting for you cos I could do with some teaching on the subject. It being another thing Tisec didn’t teach us.

    Knitting group is always good for mutual pastoral care. Too good to miss.

  17. As this is taxing our collective wisdom, I think this issue might also be tackled by asking WWSiahgD?
    (What Would Solomon-in-all-his-glory Do?)

    I suspect he might ask why a Provost feels the need to be at either a knitting meeting or a property meeting and also why the people at either expect him to turn up.

    – Mother Ruth, are you claiming that TISEC taught you to knit?

  18. gaelle says

    Ooooh ! ‘Tis now past – wha’ di’ you do ? – the suspense is ghastly ! – Do tell – Pleeeeeeez…..

  19. No, Tisec did not teach me to knit, or anything else much. It was my granny.

  20. As a fellow member of the knitting group, and indeed a former member of the bum-numbingly tedious Property group, I can report that Father Provost did appear at knitting group, without knitting, made his apologies and left after a (good) while.
    Personally I feel he had MadPriest’s solution in mind, but found the knitters’ gossip just too much to resist.
    Anyway, I bet Fr Provost can’t knit socks.

  21. Kelvin says

    Fr Provost has never knit a sock, but refutes the suggestion that he can’t so do, with some fortitude.

  22. Christina says

    Do you think Fr Provost could offer sock-knitting lessons on behalf of TISEC?

  23. TISEC taught me to knit. Or rather, I found learning every stitch in the book a soothing passtime amidst the odd mix of stress and boredom.

  24. Roddy says

    I suggest you regard the Property Committee as Winston Churchill did a meeting of the Chiefs of Staff; allow minimal discussion and tell them what you want.
    [comment edited for purposes of ensuring ongoing goodwill, happiness and apple pie – KH]

    This will allow you far more opportunity to knit, which is a noble pursuit. I was taught to knit by by my grandmother and, to a limited extent, still do.

  25. Thanks Roddy – you allow me to reaffirm my claim that all men can knit.

  26. OK FrP, consider the (handknitted) glove cast out over Moab. Black sockyarn, shiny purple DPNs available for loan on request.
    Separate toes optional.

  27. Separate toe should be in praepostorial red, don’t you think?

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