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There is an interview with me in Scotland on Sunday today. Headline is “Senior Cleric Comes out for Same-Sex Weddings in Church”.

“I want every gay couple to be able to walk down the street holding hands if they wish to do so.

“I also want every gay couple to be able to walk down the aisle holding hands if they want to too.

” I want to alert MSPs to this, so parliament can bring in this relatively small, but very important, change.”
He also expected his views to be criticised by conservative elements within his own church, as well as from other denominations.

“There will always be a discussion in the churches about moral issues and it is right that people speak with strong voices.

“I think that the fact those voices are getting more angry, more shrill and strident show us very clearly that their argument is being lost.

Father Gadgetvicar is quoted in the article but also comments on his blog too. He is right in some of what he says online. People who edit papers find it almost impossible to deal with any story including the words church and gay without printing it as the old “church splits on gays” story. This tends to mean that nothing much new gets said.

The current issue about Equal Marriage is much more interesting as a Scottish Devolution story than a Church Splits… story, and it is that aspect that we will eventually see played out over the next few months in the Scottish Parliament.


  1. RosemaryHannah says

    I think you are right of course, and right too on the shrill voices thing. But I wish with all my heart that there was a way of filtering out some of the nastier attacks before they reached those liable to be hurt. Ruth Gledhill, a cyber acquaintance blogged that while she knew it was irrational, some of the filth (and it really was) thrown at her on her blog stuck in her mind. We know it is irrational to allow this to happen but it does.

  2. Here’s to hoping that once my civil marriage or civil partnership (depending on the jurisdiction where it takes place) is performed and valid, the Church will bless it through no less than the authority of a bishop!

  3. douglas says

    Mr Holdsworth where were you when the light shining down from your heaven told your that all you have taught and believed for years is actually rubbish and the real truth is the exact opposit? Did god tell you, if so where and when and why didnt he tell you 30 years ago that what you preached was wrong? I have no problem with what you now believe but I have a great deal of problems with you telling everyone one thing for years then saying oops I was wrong, God’s truth is infact the exact opposite. Who is changing their mind you or your God? By all means carry on believing your new truth but at least resign and give us all peace.

  4. Bless you douglas, and thanks for your comment.

  5. Raymond says

    Your views on this are totally contrary to God’s Holy and Infallible Word, in fact you continually deny its sole authority !

  6. Bless you, Raymond.

  7. The ability to change your mind and to admit a mistake is a wonderful gift.

    I doubt there is anyone at all who understand God so perfectly that they should never in a life time say ‘I was wrong about that; I see things differently now’.

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