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There is an interview with me in Scotland on Sunday today. Headline is “Senior Cleric Comes out for Same-Sex Weddings in Church”.

“I want every gay couple to be able to walk down the street holding hands if they wish to do so.

“I also want every gay couple to be able to walk down the aisle holding hands if they want to too.

” I want to alert MSPs to this, so parliament can bring in this relatively small, but very important, change.”
He also expected his views to be criticised by conservative elements within his own church, as well as from other denominations.

“There will always be a discussion in the churches about moral issues and it is right that people speak with strong voices.

“I think that the fact those voices are getting more angry, more shrill and strident show us very clearly that their argument is being lost.

Father Gadgetvicar is quoted in the article but also comments on his blog too. He is right in some of what he says online. People who edit papers find it almost impossible to deal with any story including the words church and gay without printing it as the old “church splits on gays” story. This tends to mean that nothing much new gets said.

The current issue about Equal Marriage is much more interesting as a Scottish Devolution story than a Church Splits… story, and it is that aspect that we will eventually see played out over the next few months in the Scottish Parliament.