NSM History?

Can anyone point me to a concise summary, preferably online, of how and when and where Anglicans began ordaining people as Non-Stipendiary Ministers?

[Note that I’m not interested in polemical publications arguing for one form of ministry or another. Its facts I want to mull over, and I don’t know them].


  1. Anne Tomlinson says

    Not on line alas, but ‘Varieties of Ministry, a Report of the Commission on the Ministry to the Provincial Synod’ published in 1972 and chaired by Rt Revd Neil Russell is the SEC’s response to the Kilbrandon report and Lambeth 1958/68 debates on ‘supplementary ministries’.

  2. There has been a thesis written on Non-Stipendiary Ministry in the Church of England, which includes (starting on page 25) an outline of the events that led to the Lambeth Resolution in 1958 that allowed for the ordination of “auxiliary pastoral ministers”.

    (Link opens in a Word document.)

  3. Thank you.

  4. On a more personal level, Rev Duncan Finlayson was one of the first, around 1975 (i think). There’s some ref in St Saviours’ at 150

    • Thanks Kay – I knew that Duncan was one of the first, but had not remembered when that was.

      Can anyone fill in the gap in that history in Scotland between the fifties (Lambeth Conference resolution) and the seventies (NSM ordinations taking place)?

  5. Beth’s link is broken. Beth would you please repost it, or Kelvin please fix it?

  6. Anne Tomlinson says

    Re ‘the two decade gap’: in V of M (as above) it indicates that there was indeed a gap when little happened between the matter being raised in 1952 (and again in 1954) and the College of Bishops agreeing to commend the idea of an auxiliary ministry to synods and General Synod in 1972. In that time “two instances of action were taken” but it does not specify what form that action took.

  7. I’ve poured holy water on Beth’s broken link and it now seems to have healed.

  8. David | Dah•veed says

    Father K I always thought you more practical than superstitious!

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