What people are looking for on my blog

The following search terms have brought people from search engines to the blog recently.

  • spanish biretta (who, me?)
  • bad typography (quite a common one – links to this post)
  • how to baptise someone (better re-read this, I’m baptising on Sunday)
  • managing queues at mcdonalds (no idea)
  • bishop of argyll and the isles (I’ve let it be known that I’d do it, so long as I can do it on a Wednesday afternoon, & don’t have to leave St Mary’s. Why is this not being taken seriously? Search engines are presumably sending people to the post: Who wants to be Bishop of Argyll and The Isles.)
  • sermon on leah (oh, how I did enjoy that sermon)
  • the gay mothers’ union (I’m saying nothing! Sounds like a good idea though)
  • “mothers union” anglican lesbian (presumably the sister organisation)
  • capello romano (No, I’m not remotely tempted. Why do people think I’m into vestments?)
  • carl rosa opera (Oh, how a bad review can linger online forever)


  1. ChickPea says

    Search engines are such insensitive machines –
    where’s the honesty ? – we’s all visitin’ your blog for your witty charmin’ an’ thought provokin’ musings……. x

  2. But that’s an ordinary common or garden Italian style Biretta. Spanish ones are more stylish – and less inclined to make one look like a wingnut.

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