Blessing of the Bicycles

What a lovely event the Blessing of the Bicycles turned out to be. There are some nice pics on Gordon Smith’s Flickr Stream including one of me in the Cope of Glory on a recumbent trike squealing and giggling in equal proportions.

We gathered, had a reading about wheels from Ezekiel, had a blessing and annointing session. We kept silence to remember those killed on the roads and watched as a white, riderless bike was placed in front of the altar in remembrance. Then a couple of prayers, a final blessing and a joyous ring of cycle bells to celebrate cycling.

I’ll leave the top header on the blog set to a pic from the event for a day or two.

Many thanks to Neil B (aka Limn) who contacted me just a fortnight ago on twitter to see if I was up for it.

Up for it I most certainly was and hope it becomes something that we do every year.


  1. Zebadee says

    Are we about to see the Clergy team riding unicycles up and down the Great Western Road?

  2. David | Dah•veed says

    That first foto gives a nice view of your church as well. I have not seem one where it looked quite so big.

    My eye was caught by a couple of handsome chavos.

    I see that they ran up the flag for you.

  3. ChickPea says

    I too hope that this proves the inauguration of an annual event – I was most disappointed to miss the occasion, being previously committed Elsewhere in Scotland that day.

    Fine photographs.

    However, methinks we should perhaps design a more appropriate clerical garb for such pursuits ….. I am concerned that the Cope of Glory may disintegrate Sooner rather than Later with this particular usage, and become a mere pretty plaything rather than a Special Occasion Outfit worn with Consideration, Care and Respect…….

    However……. this presents an exciting International Question – what SHOULD a Well Dressed Provost wear On A Bicycle……… ?

    Perhaps further rummaging in the depths of the crypt may be an Interesting Endeavour ……. what is there, yet to find ….. (gaiters, mebbe ?)

    (Wasn’t there a previous post featuring gaiters? – Or are they already in your wardrobe, clamouring for an outing ?)

    • Do be assured that the owner of the recumbent bike acted as a very competent Mistress of the Robes for the taking of that photograph.

      Gaiters were covered here.

  4. Any plans to bless any other random inanimate objects?

  5. ChickPea says

    I guess, Lay Clerk, you mean ‘other than the choir’ ?

  6. Point taken, it was a long day yesterday! 🙂

  7. Chickpea-

    Is it just me, or would a leather cope by ideal for such situations? 🙂

  8. Richard Thornburgh says

    Great stuff – any chance of getting hold of the Order of Servcie so I can pinch it for down here in the flat biking lands of East Anglia?

    • Yes. We just produced a local version of the one used in St John the Divine. The main difference is that I blessed the bikes by applying a little holy oil to the handlebars of each bike rather than using holy water. I also invited those riders who wanted to be anointed themselves to put out their hands when I was next to their bike so that they could have some of the oil too. Most did.

  9. ChickPea says

    Now that’s a great suggestion, Ryan – a leather cope would cope with rain, snow and hail, wouldn’t it……

    Tho still not sure it’d be very safe re wheels.

    Maybe The Provost needs one of those wonderful wide-brimmed hats…….. I wonder just hhhhhhowwwwwww wwwwwwide it could beeeeeeee………

  10. David | Dah•veed says

    Wide brimmed hats are useless on a bicycle. That is why cyclists wear these;

    They also fit well under a safety helmet.

  11. ChickPea says

    Thank you, David, for prompting my education in a new direction.

    Have you heard the BBC R4 broadcast of today? Blessing of Bicycles and Riders was a key element. As was Lycra.

    CERTAINLY, lycra 100% fits the safety requirements for garb with bicycles. …. (I can think of no other reason for popularity of Lycra..)

    So, where has the Provostorial Outfit got to so far ?

    Must be Lycra to invest the legs, leather cope, wee pink cap (‘Traditional Rally’ or ‘Race Spoiler’ ?) – then safety helmet, of course, and clerical collar (to make sure we recognise him).

    Whatcher fink ?

  12. hold on a minute.. lycra?!
    I’ve been having a wee look and can’t see a square inch of it on display in the pictures.. but i guess it’s permissible as a bit of poetic licence!

    I think bikes are best thought of in a similar fashion to vacuum cleaners.. ( and it requires an exceptional type of house-cleaning aficionado to put on some tight clothing to do it!

  13. ……..and Black Shoes, of course.

  14. ChickPea says

    So long as they are suitably shiny.

  15. agatha says

    I often bless bicycles. When they weave in and out of cars and go through red lights I say “For God’s Sake”

  16. Dear Kelvin
    I hope you were blasting out Queen (Bicycle) during the blessing!

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