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Blessing of the Bicycles

What a lovely event the Blessing of the Bicycles turned out to be. There are some nice pics on Gordon Smith’s Flickr Stream including one of me in the Cope of Glory on a recumbent trike squealing and giggling in equal proportions.

We gathered, had a reading about wheels from Ezekiel, had a blessing and annointing session. We kept silence to remember those killed on the roads and watched as a white, riderless bike was placed in front of the altar in remembrance. Then a couple of prayers, a final blessing and a joyous ring of cycle bells to celebrate cycling.

I’ll leave the top header on the blog set to a pic from the event for a day or two.

Many thanks to Neil B (aka Limn) who contacted me just a fortnight ago on twitter to see if I was up for it.

Up for it I most certainly was and hope it becomes something that we do every year.