Changing the mobile

I’ve just changed my mobile. (That’s a cell-phone for US readers).

The trouble is, I think that the mobile phone economy is a place of complete madness. I don’t understand all the options. I find the whole thing tricky to navigate. I didn’t really text much until about 2 years ago and indeed, there was a time when I thought that the mobile phone business was a complete dead end because once we all had one, there would be no market at all.

All in all, I feel rather negative about the whole business.

How to explain then the absurd excitement of getting a phone that can download lots of clever Android apps and saying goodbye to my old Nokia forever?

Should anyone be wondering, I bought a Samsung Galazy S.

This time around, I decided that the Google/Android outfit was less the Evil Empire then either Mac or Microsoft. Next time around, I suspect it might well be different.

I would now like you to recommend the best apps to download and refrain from telling that I should have bought an iPhone. I’ve heard it all before.


  1. Variously:

    Google Sky;
    Either Catch(.com) or Springpad (see – currently preferred);
    Handcent (SMS);
    FBReader or Aldiko (eBook readers);
    Wikitude / Layar (augmented reality);
    Connectbot (ssh client);
    MyTracks (GPS tracking on steroids), Foursquare;
    AppBak (save/restore lists of things installed);
    Advanced Task Killer (kill processes).

    Welcome aboard 🙂

  2. Thanks Tim. I found google sky already. Indeed, it was one of the things that persuaded me.

    Now I can see the constellations in the city! Indeed, now I can see the constellations in my bedroom.

  3. Sarah says

    SlideIT – easier way to enter text. Good fun, the predictive side of it can be a bit of a pest so do re-read what you’ve written, although there is the facility to go back to simple ABC input.
    Enjoy the ‘phone!

  4. Kennedy says

    Lifehacker is always a good source of info for these things.


  5. agatha says

    Nothing to do with phones but I do like the “Want a girlfriend” advertising in the sidebar!

    • I’m glad you like whatever you are seeing, Agatha. The ads are served up by a remote server which focusses the ads on the viewer, including whatever you are looking at, where you are and I think also your browsing history.

      Whatever you are looking it is what google thinks should be aimed at you. I see no ads offering girlfriends myself.

  6. I do hope I’m not the only one getting “Spy on your boyfriend” ads! 😉

  7. office manager says

    Android? Data (trekkie pun intended) could be lost. See story at Good luck.

  8. Hermano David | Brother Dah•veed says

    I see no ads, which beats the Scientology ads that I used to see!

    I have nothing to ad because Padre has forbidden it.

  9. Snap! I got mine just before Christmas.

    Seesmic (for Twitter)
    Guardian Anywhere (downloads while you sleep and can be read while offline)
    Pocket Common Worship

    I’m also addicted to Wordfeud, or Scrabble by any other name…

  10. tasker is brilliant. read about it @

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