Changing the mobile

I’ve just changed my mobile. (That’s a cell-phone for US readers).

The trouble is, I think that the mobile phone economy is a place of complete madness. I don’t understand all the options. I find the whole thing tricky to navigate. I didn’t really text much until about 2 years ago and indeed, there was a time when I thought that the mobile phone business was a complete dead end because once we all had one, there would be no market at all.

All in all, I feel rather negative about the whole business.

How to explain then the absurd excitement of getting a phone that can download lots of clever Android apps and saying goodbye to my old Nokia forever?

Should anyone be wondering, I bought a Samsung Galazy S.

This time around, I decided that the Google/Android outfit was less the Evil Empire then either Mac or Microsoft. Next time around, I suspect it might well be different.

I would now like you to recommend the best apps to download and refrain from telling that I should have bought an iPhone. I’ve heard it all before.