Tales of the City #6

The scene is the building I live in. Utter chaos. Extensive stoor.

Very Dirty Workman: OK then, that’s us. We’ll be off then.


Er, can I ask you something though?

Me: Yes, what is it?

VDW: Er, well, I just wondered. Are you a minister or something?

Me:  Er, well, yes, as it happens. Why?

Take a careful pantomime look at self to check whether clericals are being worn, despite knowing that they are not having just returned from clergy conference.

Yes, I’m the priest along at St Mary’s Cathedral, how did you know?

VDW: Well, it was the way you’ve been with us. You’ve been, you know, calm. And just, well, the way you are. You can tell like. I used to live next to a minister, you see.


  1. Ritualist Robert says

    Thank you for introducing the word “stoor” to those of us in the non-Scottish world.

  2. Hermano David | Brother Dah•veed says

    Have you been glowing again?

    Honestly, I think that it really says something great when they know, even if in a setting where they might not know!

  3. I agree! As daughter of a C of S one, I’ve spent time in the company of more than my fair share. Some have ‘the aura’ and some, most definitely do not…..

  4. Did we know that the Norwegian for vacuum cleaner is “stoorsooker”?

  5. Rosemary Hannah says

    Huge compliment.

    And any time you want to come here and be calm at workmen, feel free. Then I can be free to go somewhere quiet and just lose it, as I have been longing to do for some weeks …

  6. @PamB – we didn’t, but we are delighted.

    @Rosemary – thanks but no thanks. Being calm at someone else’s workmen is surely too much for anyone.

    @Ruth – the day I was ordained, the wife of a bishop told me my aura was golden. She saw them regularly.

    @Hermano David – You couldn’t see the glow for the dust.

    @Ritualist Robert – happy to be of service. It is the perfect word for what is produced when you mess with chimneys.

  7. Ritualist Robert says

    @PamB – delighted indeed!

  8. Hermano David | Brother Dah•veed says

    You couldn’t see the glow for the dust.

    It is obvious that the VDW could. Good on yer.

  9. Rosemary Hannah says

    What I now need is somebody to come back and be very very UNcalm at a joiner. Very very unclam indeed – new floor ends two foot short of the wall, and yes, there WAS enough wood. And good neighbour/joiner is hors de combat following a RTA.

    Or you could try coming and being very calm at me, if your nerve is good enough.

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