Blog Redesign

I’ve spent the morning of my day off doing a little refreshing of the blog design.

I decided that it was time to say goodbye to the design that I’ve been using for ages and move to something a little more minimalist. (Did I ever tell you that I was a minimalist in my heart?)

This incarnation is a little cooler and a little calmer than that which we’ve been looking at hitherto.

I hesitate to ask what you think, because somehow it is what I think of the design that matters I suspect. However, comments as always, are welcome.


  1. I like the clarity of the new design, not that I didn’t like the old design this one is just sharper I think – but you do seem to have a problem with your 100 things page.

  2. Ryan D' says

    I like it! Starck-y and Nordic 🙂 Impressed that your commitment to minimalism means that there’s now only seems to be *one* photo of yourself at the top too 😉

    • For now, Ryan. Only for now.

      • Ryan D' says

        lol! Well, in the interests of minimalism,you could try having but one photo per month (good enough for the Cheryl Cole Official Calendar after all ;-))

        (NB I do like the disclaimer at the bottom too!)

        • Yes – I decided that the disclaimer was wise. I did think about saying that the views expressed on the blog may not represent the views of Kelvin Holdsworth, but not everyone gets irony, do they?

      • Ryan D' says

        Hmm, surely Provosts should be entitled to add a “(except when speaking ex cathedra)” clause too though ;-)?

  3. Oh, woo hoo, we appear to have threaded comments too. Hurrah!

  4. I’m one of the sad people who can be put off by change – still haven’t got used to my own recent reworking of my own blog – but who am I to argue with the captain of the Enterprise? 😉

  5. Alison Peden says

    You can’t see whether you are wearing a biretta, fedora or beret… I’m a bit intimidated by ‘Speak your mind’ where there used to be the invitation to ‘comment’ (or was it ‘reply’ ) – sounds like the bridge scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. But actually, the design is very smart.

    • Thanks Alison – I am prepared to confirm that I was wearing a hat.

      I agree about the “Speak your mind” phrase and I’ve changed it to “Make a comment”

  6. Hermano David | Brother Dah•veed says

    I find it very white, almost antiseptically so. I wish there was a bit more contrast.

  7. robin says

    its woeful!! life is too grey just now GIVE US SOME COLOUR!!

  8. Do you run Facebook by any chance?

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