Things people have been looking for

Here are a few things that people have been looking for in search engines that have caused them to find this blog:

  • sermon, abishag – presumably found this post acknowledging one of my favourite biblical characters.
  • church to rent, Aberdeen – not something I think I can help with
  • clergy tartan – series of posts from when I was appointed as Arbiter of the Kilt
  • gay lick – I’ve no idea which post brought this person here. Seriously.
  • origin of Christingledon’t get me started
  • bearsden accent – guess this one is about that sermon
  • who is the bearded nun? – no idea, but she probably comes to St Mary’s
  • where can i buy halal turkey in glasgow? – I don’t know, but my local Chinese is mostly halal
  • “john stott” cross-dressing – oh, if only….


  1. Haha, the wonder of SEO, and apparently its improving! 🙂

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