What to blog about

I put out a call on Twitter and Facebook this morning asking for suggestions as to things that I might blog about.

Here are the suggestions so far.

  • How about how to know when to follow in obedience and when to listen to gut reactions?
  • innovative liturgy? Use of social networking? Imaginative ways of communicating? These you do, lead the way!
  • what clergy new to the SEC should know but no-one tells them #pisky
  • Sunday School choruses?
  • the use of the word “catholic” as opposed to what people think, which is “Catholic”, as is the Church of Rome.
  • Glasgow life. Arts.
  • clergy and weddings and weddings and marriages
  • Poverty, youth unemployment, and other injustices in our communities.
  • Preview of the US Masters – who will be fitting on the green jacket this year?
  • Our over regulated and over taxed lives!


  • why do you believe in Christianity and not any other belief system?
  • the link between geography and faith

Feel free to add comments with any further suggestions.


  1. Lavender says

    these should keep you quite fairly busy for a week or so! much looking forward to the product, especially the liturgy/social networking etc
    Which do you feel most drawn to?

  2. Relationships between clergy and organists?

  3. I’m curious as to what made you decide to join the Scottish Episcopal Church.

    What do you think the SEC is getting right that the CofE is messing up? As in, what could the CofE learn from the SEC?

  4. There’s loads of great suggestions in that little lot. Many thanks to everyone who has put an idea forward so far. Still plenty of scope for more.

    @Lavender – I’m drawn to Poverty, Youth Unemployment etc, clergy and organists and the ones about Scottish Episcopal identity.

    However, I’ve no idea what order any responses will appear.

  5. You will of course mention the shaman/ organist link, so I can quote you in my anthropology essay?

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