What to blog about

I put out a call on Twitter and Facebook this morning asking for suggestions as to things that I might blog about.

Here are the suggestions so far.

  • How about how to know when to follow in obedience and when to listen to gut reactions?
  • innovative liturgy? Use of social networking? Imaginative ways of communicating? These you do, lead the way!
  • what clergy new to the SEC should know but no-one tells them #pisky
  • Sunday School choruses?
  • the use of the word “catholic” as opposed to what people think, which is “Catholic”, as is the Church of Rome.
  • Glasgow life. Arts.
  • clergy and weddings and weddings and marriages
  • Poverty, youth unemployment, and other injustices in our communities.
  • Preview of the US Masters – who will be fitting on the green jacket this year?
  • Our over regulated and over taxed lives!


  • why do you believe in Christianity and not any other belief system?
  • the link between geography and faith

Feel free to add comments with any further suggestions.