Postcard to Rowan

Dear Rowan, wondered whether it had occurred to you that if you give an interview in one country, these days, it will probably be picked up in another country.

Take this interview that you’ve given to the Telegraph this weekend. Did you have any regrets? Oh yes, not going to the USA to deal with the gay bishop thing sooner… etc

Now, just a quick PR thought here. It might be a good idea to stop and think about what those comments might have sounded like on the other side of the pond. before making them. US Episcopalians are hardly going to take kindly to the idea that you could have come over and sorted them out sooner now, are they? Apart from anything else, so many of them thought they did the right thing in consecrating +Gene Robinson and even more of them thought they were entitled under their polity to make that decision, whether it was the right one or not.

Dear, dear Rowan. You’ve made lots of statements like this in your time as Archbishop of Canterbury. They bewilder people because folk think you are wise and yet it looks so gauche.

Please stop. Even in these last days.

Enough already, as they say in some places.



  1. Lapinbizarre/Roger Mortimer says

    Right on!

  2. Brother David says

    Is he really that arrogant or just absolutely clueless?!?!

    That was certainly the one thing that jumped off the page when I read the interview.

    And it again shows his more lofty view of the episcopate than we have in the Americas, especially since many churches here are the children of TEC. He didn’t say meet with TEC, he said meet with the House of Bishops, the junior chamber in TEC.

  3. Tom Wilson says

    I am surprised that ++Rowan felt that his going to America and chastising the Episcopal Church, and specifically one Diocese for the election of a openly gay bishop would even be possible. Is he that ignorant of American history and the Revolution in 1776, where the American people rebelled at being told what to do by a leader thousands of miles away. In the North American context, the Diocesan Bishop and the Synod they minister with, are the final level of governance. The presiding bishop (ECUSA) or Primate (ACC) are there as leaders, but hold no power or authority (beyond moral and/or advisory) over any of the Diocesan Bishops that make up these provinces of the Anglican Communion. Obviously a situation that ++Rowan is not familiar with in the C of E, where he can block the appointment (not even an election) of a Diocesan Bishop within his province.

    Ultimately, this is why the Anglican Covenant will fail. While we are linked by a common heritage, as well as worship style; the governance structures of each Province of the Anglican Communion around the world are very different than the C of E and each Province’s situation is unique to their local experience. No longer is the Anglican Communion just variations of the C of E through missionaries sent out from England.

    It is too bad that ++Rowan could not be engaged as a professor at an American or Canadian seminary, where he could be exposed to a much different reality than in England and perhaps gain a greater insight into the realities of the Anglican church in North America.

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