The Rt Rev Kevin Pearson

Delighted to be present for the consecration of Fr Kevin as the new Bishop of Argyll and The Isles. No doubt there were some from The Isles who found it hard to get to Oban. The weather has been vile.

The wind blew so hard during the service itself that it seemed as though the whole of Oban bay was trying to get into the cathedral. Either that or it was the Holy Spirit blowing up a hooley in celebration.

Bishop Kevin looked radiant in purple with an interesting ring that was being much kissed afterwards.

Sadly I have to report that the nearest we got to gaiters was the attire that was being sported by the Bishop of Lund in Sweden. It was good to have both the Bishop of Lund and another bishop from a Porvoo church too. (Finland).

It was a great day for the Diocese of Argyll and The Isles and a great day for the wider Scottish Episcopal Church too.

I ended up in the evening dancing a lovely Gay Gordons with a bishop and also dancing a polka with Kimberly Bohan with such exuberance in celebration of Fr Kevin’s becoming Bishop Kevin that I’ve ended up barely able to walk today.

Its my hip, dears.

My hip.


It isn’t every day you get to enthrone someone. (Many thanks to Gordon Smith for the picture).