Sermon preached on 18 December 2011

Here's what I had to say in the pulpit this morning.

I wish I had a pound for everyone who says to me, “It must be a busy time of year”. I’ve heard that from quite a few people this week. Well, there’s no time in my year that isn’t busy. And I enjoy this time of year a great deal.
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Merry What?

Just as a matter of interest, which of these two campaigns do you find offensive, if any?


  1. The alleged Sexmas campaign which is purported to be about to be launched which aims to keep people from unwanted pregnancy and contracting HIV and other STDs. (More details from the usual outraged suspects, for example the Sun and the so-called Christian Institute)
  2. The Merry Pringles campaign which seems to aim to make us poorer and fatter by selling us tasty potato crisps.

I’m interested in this. Which is more offensive to those of us who follow the babe from Bethlehem?

Just asking.