Easter Week

Gradually turning back into a normal person after the rigours of Holy Week and Easter. I had a doctor say to me recently, “gosh yes, Easter, you must be busy, I guess it is like Christmas all over again”.

In fact, it is nothing like Christmas. Christmas is hard work but very different. Easter always leaves me feeling physically tired like no other time of the year. Its not always easy to make much sense this week either. You carry so much information in your head to get through Holy Week. So many props need to be in the right place, so many people need to be negotiated with, so much practise has to go into it and this year, so many sermons needed to be preached.

My aim is to try to preach the three hours every other year and do something different on the alternating ones. This year was the second time I have done it. It is an extraordinary thing to do and leaves me feeling completely wrung out.
However, that was then, this is now.

He is risen now and so life returns.