Tales of the City #2

The scene is the barber’s shop. I stand framed in the doorway and am greeted by Jamie the Barber.

Jamie the Barber: Phew!

Self: I’d like a haircut.

Jamie the Barber: You’re in the right place sir. Just come over here and sit yourself down.

A pause.

Jamie the Barber: I’ll just… if you don’t… hang on a minute.

Jamie the Barber removes his T-shirt. He stands and looks at me in the mirror. I look at Jamie the Barber who is now stripped to the waist.

Jamie the Barber: Its just too hot sir. Phew. That’s better. The T-shirt was getting… er, damp. Time for a fresh shirt.

Jamie the Barber walks across the shop, takes a shirt from a hanger and calmly puts it on. He buttons it up carefully, from bottom to top, leaving the top two buttons undone.

Jamie the Barber: Now sir, what will it be?