Bible Study – Turning Over a New Fig Leaf

We had a good bible study last night at the LGBT group here at St Mary’s. I thought I’d post the basic questions here and see whether people wanted to have a go at answering them here too.

First of all we read most of Genesis Chapter 2. (You can find the text at the Oremus Bible Browser)

Then we had a go at these questions

  • What strikes you about the text?
  • Does the text tell us more about how people think about God or about how God thinks about us? Why?
  • What different patters of partnership can you think of from the Bible?

And then we had a look at this picture (Willem Vrelant, 1460s illuminator Flemish, died 1481—Digital image courtesy of the Getty’s Open Content Program.)

Adam and Eve

And tried to answer these questions:

  • What strikes you about the picture?
  • What influence does this story have on you today?

I’d be interested to hear any responses on here. (Why can’t we do bible study on a blog post?)

And here is an extra question for those answering today:

  • What difference do you think it might make studying the story of Adam and Eve in an LGBT group to any other group?

Don’t be shy…